BEHIND THE BRAND: PARTNER CONTENT 86 GLOBAL FRANCHISE | ISSUE 6.2 f you ask a person how much time you need to spend at a gym to become strong and fit, they will say two to three times a week, for an hour. They might say you need to run a few times a week. Or do both. If you then ask if they manage to do so, they will say they want to but don’t. In between busy jobs, managing daily life, and spending time with family, there isn’t much time left. How does not going to the gym fit20 is changing people’s lives in just 20 minutes every week Established: 2009 Number of franchised outlets: 160+ Location of units: U.S.A., Netherlands, U.K., Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Qatar, New Zealand, Morocco, Caribbean Investment range: Country dependent Minimum required capital: Country dependent Contact: I make them feel, you ask? Slightly guilty, a nagging feeling they ought to, or frustrated with themselves for having given up entirely. What if you could offer them a way to become strong, fit and healthy by training just 20 minutes a week? In everyday clothes and always with a personal trainer? They might say that is too good to be true. You need to break a sweat at least a few times per week to get any results. This is where the fit20 franchise comes in. FIT20’S UNIQUE APPROACH TO HEALTH AND FITNESS fit20 is a rapidly growing global franchise for personal health and fitness. It is unique in its approach to health and fitness: clients significantly improve their health and fitness by training just 20 minutes per week, always by appointment with a certified fit20 trainer, in small-scale studios. Since its start in the Netherlands in 2009, it has stood the test of time. Launched in Europe in 2015 and expanding, it now has more than 166 studios operating in Europe, Asia Pacific and the U.S.A. fit20 provides personal training for individual clients in modern, clean, and cooled studios. It combines optimal personal convenience with substantial health benefits for its members. Traditionally fitness gyms typically serve eight to 18 per cent of the general population. fit20 aims at the much larger group of over 80 per cent. In this group, people of 40 years old and over are highly represented. The once a week program provides the perfect solution to the challenge of maintaining personal health and fitness and having a busy lifestyle, and/or the difficulty of keeping up a weekly health and fitness regimen. As such, the fit20 franchise offers an unparalleled business opportunity with huge future potential. It serves a very large segment of the population: the vast majority that knows it should partake in some kind of fitness, but hasn’t found a way to actually do so. This segment consists of both professionals in demanding jobs as well as the growing aging The franchise changing the fitness paradigm AT A GLANCE FIT20