Global Franchise- Issue 35

MA S T E R , R E G I ONA L AND I NT E RNAT I ONA L F R ANCH I S I NG Franchise Global INSIDER INFO Franchisor of FASTSIGNS and NerdsToGo 5 AREAS OF OPPORTUNITY TO EMERGE FROM THE PANDEMIC INTRODUCING PROPELLED BRANDS: Central American franchising The biggest markets in this emerging region From the U.S. to Canada and back again How to capitalize on cross-border developments PAGE 21 SCOTT GREENBERG Closing the franchisee performance gap JACKIE LOBDELL Making international development pain-free PAGE 56 PAGE 88 BETTE FETTER Tackling the master franchising model Your essential guide to hotels, real estate, and flexible workspaces PROPERTY FRANCHISING 7 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN FRANCHISE RELATIONSHIPS